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Important Information Regarding Chargebacks

Chargebacks Are Fraud!

If you enjoy our site and request one, you're a thief and we'll come after you in every legal way possible.
This is THEFT and we have ZERO tolerance!

If you feel that this site is not for you, that's absolutely OK. Just contact us and we'll find a good solution for you! (free access to another site, a partial or even a full refund, etc). There is no need to request a chargeback from your bank.

Again, chargebacks are THEFT and we'll fight them. Here is how:

1. We may contact your bank and provide proof that you used our service thoroughly including logs of your activity, a complete list of all photo galleries and videos which you viewed or downloaded, etc.
2. We may send a paper invoice to your physical or company address and attach your complete activity log, too.
3. We may sell your debt to a collection agency.
4. We may add your name into an international blacklist database which all merchants and credit-card processors check to prevent fraud.
5. Additionally, fraudulent activities will be diligently pursued through your local jurisdiction for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

DO NOT CHARGEBACK - contact us, we'll find a solution.